The fastest sprinter in the world.

Our RoboSprinter is an innovative running and sprinting module.


A sprinter figure accelerates to a preset speed (selectable, incl. different acceleration levels) and can therefore simulate world-class sprinters.


The design makes it possible to compete directly and immediately against the current 100 m world record, for example, and so get a feel for the incredible acceleration and top speed of the world’s best.


The advanced technology allows you to select individual distances from under 20 m to over 100 m – with mobile tartan running tracks if desired. In addition, the electronic timer allows you to create a photo at the finish of each run and print it out immediately after the finish.


The sprinter figure can also be individually designed, as can the area around the sprint tracks.




  • athletics events
  • PR events
  • promotions
  • roadshows
  • sporting celebrations