Innovative reaction walls T-Wall 64 & T-Wall 16!

The T-Wall reaction wall is an interactive sport and training device that measures and trains reactions, coordination and movement ability. Different reaction games for adults and children call for reaction speed and coordination.


Its ease of use, flexible programme design, objective time evaluation and self-explanatory process make the T-Wall suitable for use in a variety of areas.

These include:


  • fitness
  • events & promotions
  • fairs
  • rehabilitation
  • workshops/meetings
  • point of sale


The T-Wall is always an audience magnet and eyecatcher!


If, for example, you’re looking for an entertaining event module for your fair stand or workshop that will not take up much space and will encourage everyone to join in, the T-Wall is just what you need.


That’s what Stefan Raab and his candidate on the ProSieben TV show “Schlag den Raab” have already found.


A large display shows the playing time and the successful contacts for players and viewers.