United Freestyler

Unsere Showgruppe


For years now, our freestylers have been delivering astonishing and enthralling sights and moments across the world. Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Los Angeles, Berlin, Shanghai, Cape Town, Barcelona, Khartoum, Dubai – the cities at which the freestylers have already appeared, are just as varied as the repertoire of tricks and potential stagings of the group itself.


When it was formed in 2003, the show group was seen as ground-breaking, and so in part 4attention signalled the start of the freestyle scene in Germany. All members of the group can boast numerous past highlights, whether as the “skills double” for the “Kaiser” Franz Beckenbauer, as the champion of the “Wetten, dass …” TV show in China, as cinematic stars, as the presenters of a DVD educational film, as current Guinness Book world record holders and, of course, as the star act of countless events and shows.


Another special aspect of the show group is its interdisciplinary concept. Of course football is the number one sport, but it is the combination with other types of sport that generates the appeal of some shows. Whether it be basketball, breakdance, parkour/”tricking”, urban dance, BMX flatland or Sign-Twisting – the possibilities are diverse and variably combinable with one another. Here you can see the Variety of shows.


Workshops and trick training events have been coming increasingly to the fore in recent years. This is where our freestyle pros pass on their skills to others who share their enthusiasm for the sport. With a specially developed teaching concept, the sessions can be tailored to every target group and rapid learning results are guaranteed.